Chapter 3 summary.

This article talked about two concepts and is the main Idea.No 1 bad belief ;No 2  Can not go over the barrier,

  So, first I will talk about the bad belief ,the bad belief is different kind of mind ,but come from two place : one is home ,the other is society. 

 Home : when we at home ,when parents teach us are so significant  than is the time begin to have bad belief ,If the parents no use the good ways to teach, then compare will come ,trouble will come bad belief will come.

 Society : Such as , school, when the school Eduaccation system are not right also gives  people bad belif , such as and that is true ,IF you got 100 % ,and I got 0% and I am a fairue ,because the teacher say that and the student with their mind are horrible, but also is teacher and parents problem. and bad believe come .

    The other main things is : can not over the what do you mean? I mean is this barrie are some reason you can not over , actually you can over ,but the conditions is needs to have someone to support you and encrouage you ,not get a person who want to push you down think you can improve a lot become succeed , the people who push you , it is not a good teacher you make you up, because they don’t know how to encrouage you  to make you succeed. they will hurt ,you believe me or not teacher also can be parents.

    So did they have connection , yes if you don’t have bad belief ,you will have less chanllange over come.


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