24/12/2018 Writing Something 029

 This is  a letter I wrote my pen pal. I would share with you guys.

Dear Windy:

      How are you?I was  very glad to read

your letter. you’re a very cool and special

girl,I very like your style. My name’s Max by

the way, is it a weird name ?  It always makes

me see “hey dude,Let’s watch an IMAX movie”I hope you don’t unlike it. I don’t why I am Max, my mom named me Max, What a genius mom.

In fact I don’t know Why I got this Application as well,Maybe my brother told me,But It was  two months ago. Whatever, I had it and use it now.

Fortunately I’ve met you here. you know what?

I was a silly student When I was in school.I did not learn English very well,I spent lots of time to sleep , play phone game, ,sing songs and travel . So I am not sure I can say correctly, if you got some terrible in understanding I would only say sorry, and you could tell me what is your confused. on the other hand  if I misunderstood What you said, please forgive me.

I totally know the online wallpaper from windows 10,I have to face them again and again everyday,because of my work. but I love my wonderful amazing background,

guess what? I got some crazy handsome boys. Do you know TFBoys,BTS,BigBang ? They are my favorite bands. but I like TFBoys better,Because They are from China and their style fits me. I  completely fall in love all of them.

I save many months to their concert every year. I went to Korea and Japan ten times at least for them, and I got an autograph from BigBang once,I was  almost  gonna be dead at that moment. here is a little list  some songs What I like ,you could taste, if you are interested.


BTS:《I NEED U》《GO GO》《Come Back Home》

BigBang:《Let’s not fall in love》《BANG BANG BANG》《하루하루》

What bands do you like? what kind of musical style do you like best? could you mind sharing with me?

Actually I love to travel  most on break time.When I was in university I had much time to do this. I went to almost all provinces in China ,that is an excited memory for me. But now you know,I have to work, there is no much holiday for adults especially for poor human. if i want to go somewhere to have a rest,I had to prepare for many months  to save money. absolutely I am a poor girl. I’d like to go some places by myself after graduation from College.

All these years, I went to Tokyo , Seoul, ThaiLand ,Italy. I think Roma is the best city I have been,Old buildings old churches old streets ,everything is classical, yeah, That’s my favorite style. you can imagine you walk down the streets of hundreds of years ago and the sun is setting,  you touch the wall  and you can smell the history .what a wonderful life.

And I plan to New York next year. As everyone knows America is the strongest country ,the best education ,the best technology,  and  the are very rich. But I am very confused Why  they often get in my country way.So I want to know this country,  of  course  I prefer to see views.

Do you plan to somewhere? Do you also like traveling by yourself?

               Have a good day




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  1. 蔡溢滨 蔡溢滨说道:

    I would guess you english must very well. at least in writing

  2. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    Thank you for sharing your letter with your Pen Pal. I’m sure she can understand everything that you wrote. How often do you write to each other?