A homework

Last Saturday my language parent sent me an English audio as a exercise after class.

She wanted to make sure that how much I can understood about this audio 

Below paragrph is what I heard from the audio.

The topic is “Lily at the restaurant” .

I will share with you.

Lily at the restaurant

Once upon a time, there is a girl named Lily.

She loved to sit at  the table, eat her food with a fork

One day she saw a cup on the table and wanted to drink some tea

She stood up and walked to the kitchen to make some tea

She opened the door and walked down the hall to the kitchen

She turned on the stove and put some water in the pot

She took out the tea bag and put it in the glass

She poured the hot water from the pot into the glass

Lily carried the glass of tea to the table and sat down on the chair

She took a sip of tea and liked it very much

She put the glass down on the table and looked out of window

She saw a dog playing with the ball in the yard

Lily stood up and went to the door

She opened it and went outside to play with the dog

She threw the ball and the dog run to get it

Lily laughed and run around the yard with the dog

After a while lily went back aside and sat down at the table again

She picked up a fork and continued eating her food

She listened to some music on her phone and sing along

Suddenly she heard her father voice

“Lily it is time to go home now” he said

Lily said goodbye to the dog and walk back aside

She put her fork down and folded her napkin

She walked to the door and said

“thank you for the tea and fun, I hope to come back again soon ”

Lily walked down the hall and out of the door

She got into her father’s car and drove away from the restaurant

She looked out of the window and watched the restaurant disappear behind her

“How was your day, lily” her father asked

“It was great, dad” lily replied

“I had the fun playing with the dog and the tea was delicious”

“that is good to hear,lily” her father said

“I hope we can come back again soon”

Lily smiled and said ” me too, dad, I love this restaurant”

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