Active involvement

Dear Suizhe,

Long time no see. Hope you that everything is smooth. I know that you well want to pick up the English language easily and quickly. Therefore I write this letter to you to share some English-learning approaches.

Currently, I’m reading a book The Third Ear about how to learn any language effectively. It’s quite helpful for me. One of the methods of learning a second language is active involvement.

What’s active involvement on earth? Just do things actively. In terms of language learning, we need to find something interest us and practice it actively until it become a familiar thing. Then pick on another piece.

In the other way, we do things that teacher let us do. Or we even could’t finish the things that teachers ask for.Like this sort of things is to do things passively.

Different behaviours lead different results. If we learn English actively, the things interesting will be the best teacher for you. The more you grasp it, the more passion you will have.And you will find that language-learning process become increasingly easy. If we learn it passitively, we will feel harder and harder. Learning languages actively or passitively is just like a good horse or an average horse. Good horses can run without thrashing, but with average horses it’s imperative to thrash them to run.

We all want to be a good horse. It not only makes us more masterful, but also makes us more funny and relax. 

So, I suggest that you should engage in the English learning actively. 

                                         Yours Sincerely


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