BOb and Ammy s story

BOb and Ammy  learn english for alomst 2 years, one day ,bob an Ammy have a dinner with other people ,first, bob ask the waiter to take the meum using the english ,but the waiter surprised ,she didnt know no how to do,and ask him to say that again,bob learn english not well,and sometimes his grammar lesson always got  B, in teachers point, bob is a bad guy, no way, he has to use the gesture and body language  to communicate , this time,  the waiter  can understand his meaning ,he continues to order some dishes, and ask the waiter to introduce what cusion is the best in this restaruant, the waiter said the fish is the best, because the fist is fresh gotting them form the river, so they order a fish beef  and dumplings . order finish ,but Ammy cant communicate using english ,she is afraid to make mistakes ,she pays attention to grammar,although  she learns english well in the class , but she cant say anything , this is the different , i want to grammar is not important , meaning well , meaning is better than grammar.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    A nice story. Thank you!

    To do even better next time, pay attention to two things:

    a) Use full-stops more, rather than commas. i.e. use “.” not just “,”.
    b) Make sure you read what you have written at least once, to check for spelling. e.g. you wrote “cusion” – I think you mean “cuisine”? (This is actually from a French word). Or, you wrote “restaruant” and I think you wanted to write “restaurant”. Or, you wrote “meum”. I think you mean “menu”? These are small things.

    When you write anything (even in Chinese) it’s a very good idea to first take a break, then proof-read (校对) your own writing. You will be surprised how many things you pick up when you do this.

    Overall, very good job!

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