Story L2B 50-57

My son has a blue raincoat, and he likes it very much. One day, it was raining outside, so my son wanted to wear his raincoat to feel the rain. So, I took my pink umbrella and my son put his raincoat and then we went to the park nearby. We felt rain and wind on our legs and listened to the rain falling on our umbrella and raincoat. I walked in the rain with my umbrella open. We saw a girl taking a frog out of her backpack. She put the frog in the pond and we saw the frog swimming fast across the pond.

There is also a lake, some rowboats and motorboats in the park. We pushed a rowboat into the water and I rowed the boat across the lake with my son. Then we placed the rowboat at the riverbank and took the key out of my pocket to start a motorboat. We drove the motorboat in the middle of the lake and saw some small waves.

Last summer vacation, my son and I went to see his grandpa in Shandong. We walked on the warm sand and poured cool water on our legs. We saw lots of kids and some animals running on the beach. My dad can swim slowly in the sea. I also took many photos of my dad and my son with my cell phone. Sometimes, I looked at people swimming in the sea through my cell phone. We played on the beach happily.

There are also some hot air balloons near the beach. I’m scared of flying high in the sky. But my son enjoyed flying in the sky. He strapped on the parachute and got into the basket under the parachute. Then he went up and up. I looked at him up above and called to him. He couldn’t hear me. He kept looking at the big clouds up above and small people down below. We also saw some pilots on the beach. They flied the aeroplane and landed it on the sand beside the ocean. I took a photo of the aeroplane flying in the sky and drew a picture of the aeroplane landing on the sand.

After playing on the beach, we went to a bar near the beach. I ordered a glass of red wine and my son begged me to order a bottle of orange juice. I saw some pretty girls at the bar, and a man whistled to them.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    This is a fantastic piece of writing. Really well done! Clear, easy to understand, and lots of fun!.

    One thing: Past tense of “fly” is “flew”, not “flied”. 🙂 Other than that, almost perfect.


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