boy on the road go to school

It is raising outside,Roger walk in the rain.He feel the rain on your hands. He listen to the falling on the roof he run into the room. He take the umbrella out of the drawer then walk in the rain with your umbrella open. He listen to the rain falling on the umbrella.the rain is stop and he close your umbrella.but wind come here.    He feels wind in his hair. He go back the home and look a frog at the bottom of the tree. He pick up the frog to the swimming pool and path it. After five minutes,He bathed it. He take the hairdryer out of the drawer. Blow the rabbit with the hairdryer. The rabbit is dry. he take the rabbit into the room. He will get on the ship go to school. He walk to the river. The people in the ship is full. he laugh at man across the river. Because he swimming slowly in the river,and the dog swimming behind him. He take the camera out of his backpack. then he take a photo of the man and dog. He look the pretty girl,then he whistle to the pretty girl. But it is too far the pretty girl didn’t heard. The policeman come here and salute to him,said please you are following me. he will cry!They walk to the car stop,the policeman take your key out of your jacket pocket.  put the key in the car door and turn it and open the car door. The policeman said to you,sit down the back seat of the car. He begging look the policeman said,Did I wrong? You didn’t do wrong. why’s that? The policeman take off his black glasses. Wow are you Sunny? Yes you know me as well,old student,ten years,Where are you going now? I am going to the Tsinghua university go to school. Really? Yes I am. What do you want to eat for lunch? My treat!No thanks. I am first day go to school today,because next time. What time is it now? It is about eleven o’clock,What time are you ship? 3pm. It is too early. we are having get lunch together now,my treat!You don’t worry,I can get on the ship for you at before 3pm. Let’s go have get lunch.yes alright. 

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