language to body’s story

This is a short story.One day at night,I’m sit up on the bed then walk to the wall,turn on the light.My dog walk toword the table,I’m point at the floor, say :squat on the floor under the table.The dog walk backward to the bed,then lie down on the bed.I’m very angry,I’m walk to the bed and hit the dog.The dog crawl to the door,then open the door and go to the yard.I’m jump to the door and close the door.The apples and bananas on the plate on the table.The fork and the chopsticks on the chair.I’m pick up an apple,bite the apple,it isn’t yummy.I’m throw the apple outside of the window.The brid catch the apple .The cat drop the glass on the floor,I’m pick up the glass from the floor,put down on top of the television.I’m put the knife in the box,take out of the spoon and put the spoon on my mouth.Oh,I’m awake,This is dream.

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