business work is hard to me

This morning , my boss and I visit to our customer  .After visited customer , My boss give me some wines, coffee ,and other gifts to send to customers .  In these years , most of customers not dare to accept any gift ,  accept gift is dangerous , may be punishment .

My job is not business , I am not good at business . this work is hard to me , I don’t know how to do it  now .I need think how to do it .

Our project will be finished in this month  . I think when the project finished  I can back to  my hometown  ,unfortunately my boss hope me rescue another project. the project start at August of 2018 in Beijing . Now it’s almost stop , not any progress . I am too tired in the past two years , I hope I can have much time to do what I want do . 

My biggest goal is get a good result in learning English in 2019 .  I can’t worked more than 10 hours everyday , if I do this ,I haven’t  time to learning .  if I accept the Beijing project ,  I will busy all the day or all weekends . 

I hope other colleague to be the Beijing’s project manager .