Car engine and baskerball

This morning,I drove my car to basketball gym.

As i was almost at my destination,the car engine started to shake.It’s dangerous ,so i parked my car bewteen a bank and a shopping mall.there is an ATM nearby.I t need some money to fix the engine.

I didn’t know if i can afford the bill of the car repairing and where is the nearest garage.So i got out of the car to walk to the man passing by.”Excuse me ,Could you tell where is the garage nearby?He said:”Go straight and turn left,it’s on the right of a  post office.It’s easy to find out.”Thanks a lot”I said,”It’s very kind of you!”

I restarted the car engine,drove my car to the garage slowly.Finally,i arrived there.

It’s bad for the car accident,but i scored 23 in the baskerball gym anyway!

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