The Comprehension of The Third Ear # 8

The Comprehension of The Third Ear # 8: The Ability to Learn Language is Built Into the Human Brain

In 2016, I just resigned from my former company and had to stay at home meanwhile I was worried about my future. you can understand easily how upset I felt.

At the same time, My elder sister(she is my third elder sister accurately telling the truth)  had a newborn daughter Yue-Yue and looked after the little infant at my parent’s home 

Yue Yue just was a six months infant, she couldn’t walk and sit for a long time, she was cute and always smiling at anyone who is making face to her.

and there was a thing  I felt so amazing until up today, She was able to speak a few words in Chinese, for example,’ chi’ means eat,’ bao’ means hug.

I was shocked when she said the single Chinese word to us, was she a language genus, did she have the talent of speaking Chinese compared to other infants? How could she do this? How did this happen?

I have been keeping the four questions in my deep mind for many years, when she was pointing at the apples and said to me, with one word  ‘chi’ I just understood immediately huh she wanted to eat one apple. when she said the word ‘bao’, I just hugged her in my arms and took her outside to have fun, then she would be very happy 

From that day on I started to observe her behavior of language, sometimes she might spend a whole day speaking one word repeatedly that you taught her until you said to her oh cutie you spoke it too much today.

In the following days, when she was able to speak some words, she loved making a story and told it to you, even though you might find the story didn’t have any logical content. It doesn’t matter for her, just speak continually to have fun.

Now Yueyue is a six-year-old young girl who’s speaking Chinese fluently, I saw the entire process she learned the language, it does really get me thinking, and my questions have still been kept in my mind until I found KF English.

Yes, I agree totally with the thoughts or ideas in the third ear, We are hard-wired to learn any language, whatever you are an adult or a kid as long as  you have mastered the right methods of learning a foreign language

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