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Chapter 3 -The Bad Belief - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

Chapter 3 -The Bad Belief

Chapter 3: The Bad Belief

The bad beliefs always stop people getting started to learn something they want to do. The bad beliefs are just like the myths, we are not certainly getting to know where the information comes from, however it becomes a huge barrier that we can’t get over. To explore the details for these bad beliefs, we will find that we just need some reasons to feel better about ourselves. In the other word, this is also an excuse for not proceeding.

When we get started to do it, we will find it is not as difficult as we thought. Don’t think to make it perfect from the beginning. Think about carving a wood, the wood is nothing to be like. And then we start to carve it piece by piece, the figure of the wood becomes more and more obviously. Finally, a great product of carving wood is born. Many people want to reach the sky in a single bound, and that is impossible. Practically speaking, we could find some ways to accelerate the process of learning. I think this is also the biggest mistake when people learning a new thing.


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