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to learning English - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 "Perfect " is a big barrier to learning English - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

“Perfect ” is a big barrier to learning English

I was beginning to learn kungfu English six months ago. Because of my weakness English foundation. I don’t know, what will my English level will be after in half a year.  At this moment, I proud to say I can communicate with others completely English, although the topic is not difficult.

Last Sunday, I take my friend to a bank to open new accounts and handle phone cards.  He can’t say any Chinese word. As a foreigner, If you want to open a bank account, you need several kinds of proof, such as passport, residence certificate and so on. Differents bank needs different proof. 

Because he lacks one or more proof, so we went to different banks. We hope his proof is enough to open accounts at any bank. Unfortunately, there is not any bank accepted his apply. 
In that process, the bank officer can’t speak English, he can’t speak Chinese. So I translate to them. Although the translation is not very well, they understand each other.

 A language is a tool, passing information is language main purpose. When you as an English learning beginner, don’t mind the grammar, wrong spelling or wrong pronunciation. You just need to communicate with others, as fast as you can. You will receive lots of feedback.

Five months ago, I wrote a diary, I wrote: “My luggage has four wells”, actually I want to say wheels. I send a message on hello talk “I like to drink this delicious soap” and post a picture in it, I want to say soup. It’s a beautiful and embarrassed memory. When somebody saw my post, they think it’s funny, we communicate with each other, then we became friends.

Lots of Chinese people are shy, they want to show perfect to others. But at first, you can’t perfect. Don’t afraid to make mistakes. I often make mistakes in English, It really doesn’t matter.

Last Sunday, My foreigner friend said to me “As a Chinese, your spoken English is really good, much better than my college professor.” I’m so excited to hear that, I think his college professor seldom to speak English. There is a long way for me in Learning English, I know I’m on the right way.

At last, I want to say “Thank you, MR Lonsdale. I almost gave up learning English, until I met kung fu English. I can communicate with others completely English, now I believe in the future”.

My next little target is IELTS 6.5 in 2020, I believe this day is not so far.

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