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h1, e, 43, c57, kft, eok, g, k0x, v9s, d2q, q09, af, 8, 1ue, w22, 6, 功夫英文 – 博客网站 | decoupling - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 decoupling - 功夫英语 - 博客网站


Today I learned the word ‘decouple’, which means disconnection with sth or sb

Yes, the hottest news of the current world is The United States is decoupling China Strongly.

In Chinese, the word is described as ‘脱钩’, which means take sth off the hook, or unhook

Is that clear? China is Losing  connections with the World

Decouple is often used in Programming, System A decouples System B, we called the process decoupling Programming

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