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- 功夫英语 - 博客网站 New Words - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

New Words

new words : Situation ,  Certain ,  Strangely ,  Insist ,  Definitely ,  Neither ,  Equally,  Analyse ,  Destroy ,  Friendship ,  Perspective ,  Across ,  Beside , 

The situation has changed , The situation worsened , The whole situation has very dangers you shouldn’t into the , 

l can certain he was the murder , l can’t say for certain when we’ll arrive , at a certain time , 

What’s happen l quiet Strangely ? looks at me quiet Strangely ? l look at the young man his face and leg quiet Strangely,

he insist there is a restaurant , today is very hot even then our police officer uncle still insist stand on the front line under the sun , 

he most definitely certain there is no problem it’s safe , l can state quiet definitely it will be terrible , 

Tea and Coffer neither of not contain juice , Neither of you back down , 

equally both something , your friend is equally sure , 

when you find your study method has wrong , you must stop and to analyse what’s wrong ?

destroy the building , destroy the friendship , destroy the relationship , destroy the love , 

our friendship very good , 

see the world form across the street you will watching different things 


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