design a dialoge in english for the first time

a:Nice to meet you.i am xx,Welcome to the new company.How are you today?

b:I amxx,I am so fun for meeting you. Thank you very much. But i am a new person in our team, so  i donot know much about the company and the near environment

a:Donot worry about it.oh,it is time for lunch,what do you want to eat?

b:This is my first business trip to china,so i want to try chinese food.

a:ok,noodle is a good choose, the nearest restaurant is behind the company.

b:let us go,please.

a:How does it tastes?

b:It is delicious,i eat two bowls,i cannot eat another bite.

a: Tomorrow i will eat another chinese food with you.

b:ok,let us go back.


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