Diary (second time)

Today is luck day.

Because I lucky found my missing one pallet cargoes in TLV airport and will get it in SHA tomorrow.

Lucky Echo


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  1. Alice Alice说道:

    That’s great!:)

  2. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    Hi Echo, I’m really glad to hear that you located that missing pallet of cargo.

    I know that SHA is the airline code for Shanghai Airport. Is that Pudong?

    What above TLV? Where is that?

    • echotang800 echotang800说道:

      Hello Chris , I’m exciting for your pay close attention.

      I work for a logistics company. My job is how to get the cargo from A to B .

      TLV= Tel Aviv (city name)

      SHA=Shanghai (city name)

      PVG= Pudong airport ( airport name)