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Win Friends

This world has some people who know nothing but how to treat with people, and this guys can make big money. How does they do make others work for them?

First one is smile. Smile is powerful weapon which can catch people heart, let people think:” Wow, what a kind man he is.” And say “perfect” to others, agree with others’ products. By the way, talk about something that others’ interest, let people think they are very important for you.

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  1. Alice Alice says:

    I believe that treating everyone sincerely and listening with heart is the most important trait of the leader.

  2. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    I agree with you. There are definitely some people who really know how to treat other people well. They may not have many other skills (but often they do). I have found that most really successful leaders know how to treat others well.

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