Don’t Fear Mistakes (Lesson 426)

Don’t Fear Mistakes (Lesson 426)
In fact, I rarely make English mistakes in my memory. But it’s not that I’m fluent in English. Because a simple reason that I would blank when I talked the other person in English everytime. You know? Before that time, I remember some words, but I can’t used them in a correct way. In my mind, I don’t even have a chance to make a mistake in English.
In college, I learned the English in the classroom. But actually we had a chance to communicate in English, we just had learned on the textbook. After work, I just had wrote some English e-mail sometimes. There email all have a fixed format, usually no problem. If I went abroad to travel, I just used some words and the translater app.

Once I asked the airport offcial some questions about the place of exchange money. Unfortunately, he doesn’t undertand. So I just required my friend to help me ask. Omg, at that time, I felt frustrated.

In China, because I live in the south, sometimes I have the southern accent when I speak chinese. Like Mandarin Chinese “chi”,English meaning is“eat”. The southerner would like pronounce “ci”. Something like that questions, Some northerner would don’t understand at that time. But strangely, we don’t have any embarassment. If they have any questions, I will repeat again. It’s not a big deal.

It’s amazing to think about them. Chinese and English are both language. why should we have completely different atitudes to face the using wrong. In my opinion, Chinese is my first language, I am familiar with it. If this way of speaking is wrong, I could change into that way. But if I using English, I still umfamiliar with it. I probably can’t find the other words to replace it at that time. I am missing something about English in my head.

And there is a another reason. Many people learned a foreign language after learning the first language well. Of course, they think they can speak a second language as well. They fear failure at first. I think it’s the biggest problem. At any time, it’s human nature not to admit defeat.

According to the above conclusion, the most important thing is face the mistake. After all, only remember that you can make some mistake in English in most of the time. IF you make mistake in learning language, the earth cannot explode for your mistake. Take easy, and practise more and more.

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