Inventing Words (Lesson 429)

Inventing Words (Lesson 429)
There is a naturally thing about a word is invention in China as outside China, I think. The reason is simple. The morden society is becoming more and more global and changable. There is no denying that the world today is very different from what is was before 20-years. We prefer to chat in internet than have a face-to-face meeting. Under the pressure of COVID, many students only have the lesssons in internet, whatever in China or English. At this point, it’s normal for words invention influence the world. Actually, we communicate with people around the world.

As the author says in the book, “grammarate” has been made up by the author. It’s used to discribe some person too focus on the language grammar to communicate in the language in daily routine. These persons would be slow and awkward. In the end, they even lose the ability to communicate with persons in the learning language. There is the meaning of “grammarate”. The author made the readers remember such a paragraph just through a invented word. It’s effective and amazing.

Next I’ll talk about my experience. The other day I was know a new word invention in China. This is “shuiguo cike”. “shuiguo” means in English is fruit, and”cike” means in English is a person worked with stabing someone. “shuiguo cike” does not mean the name shuiguo of a person is stabbing someone. It’s a mataphor. Because there are some fruit look like very normal, but when you check out, you will find they are so expensive. At this time, you are already checking out, you have to pay for them. It’s like my heart got stabbed for by the expensive fruit. So that’s what “shuiguo cike” means. Actually I felt so vivid when I hear that explanation of the word at first.

In fact, human being like to save energy. Be directly, we are lazy. So we try to our best to invent new words to discribe the new case, in order to save our long sentenses to save our energy. It’s earier to remember the new words, beacuse they are always specific, vivid, even they are popular. People like any fresh things, include the new words. We invented them, then used them.

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