Don’t Fear Mistakes

   When we are learning their 2nd language, we always fear to make mistakes during conversation with others. Conversation is different from writing, it has to response to people immediately. However, most of us had already trained to speak English that followed our ways in writing. Therefore, our conversation will become slow, awkward. Even more, we couldn’t communication with people. That all because we afraid to make mistakes.

   Recall the scene when I talk with my English coach initially, I had such kind of feeling. I am afraid to make mistakes, and hoped to speak perfect English. However, my English ability still couldn’t fulfill my intent at that time. Some words I still didn’t know how to say, but I had no idea to use other words to replace that. Most importantly, I thought if I made mistakes, I would make jokes for laughter.

   In fact, people who talk to you didn’t care the mistakes too much except you make something that really interesting and the meaning is really different with that you want to express. For example, I had ever said “ I lost my pocket (wallet) when I went shopping” with my coach. She laughed loudly because that really interesting. This case also happened when I had been in class with her over 2 years. I didn’t feel ashamed at the time, instead I remember this situation for my lifetime.

   When we speak in Chinese, we also would make mistakes during conversation. But we didn’t have such feelings to afraid making mistaking for a joke. Oppositely, we will also laugh together with our friends. So the real situation is different from our thoughts in English. We can take the thought as we did in Chinese, and apply them on our English learning. After all, the communication is really matters rather than any other things.

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