a little chinese poem for memory my aunt in law

in the morning of the day before yesterday,i received a sad news, my aunt in law had died. my wife and i have to darved to her home town to attend the funeral.

it was just after snow.the road of high way was coverd snow,the road was so smooth i have to draved carefully.after about two hour very slowly draved.we arrived my wife’s home town.

the funeral was going very hardly,because it was snowing again.the wind was cold,the music was sadly,the people were crying.my heart was crying too.so i wrote a poem for my cousins and his family.

i can’t translate it to english. but the feeling is in my heart.






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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    It sounds very dangerous. I’m glad that you were driving slowly, and arrived safely!

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