English news

Recently, I learned about the use of metonymy in English news on OpenCourseWare.

Take the following news as an example:

The headline is

“F-f-frigid Temperatures From Windy City to Big Apple in Forecast”

What is “Windy City”?

What is “Big Apple”?

If we don’t know the meaning of them, we can’t understand this news.

We need to have some common sense and understand the culture of the locals. 

In fact, the “windy city” and “big apple” are metonymy.

“windy city”means “Chicago”, because Chicago is windy city of America.

“big apple”means ”New York City”.

By the way, the “F-f-frigid” of headline gives a feeling that someone was very cold to tremble and say.

This description was very vivid.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    In New Zealand, the windy city is Wellington, the capital.

    You are also correct that it’s really important to understand that a lot of language has a cultural aspect to it. To fully understand, you need to know about the culture in each place.