Fire and Ditan


Tiesheng is a disabled person. He lost the ability to walk after an illness.

One autumn,Tieshen sat on the chair on the right of the window in the room and looked out of the window. Ditan park is outside the window.

In the kitchen,the sound of oven mixed with the boiling sound of a pot full up with soup,but Tieshen didn’t hear it.The view of Ditan park totally caught his attention. Outside the window, you can see a river run across park,then pour into a pond via a part of bamboo and run far away.

Tieshen felt as if he had stand up again on the floor. He feel that there is fire in his heart,and the fire was growing up!Tieshen wanted to run around the room!He feel light,and his body went through the wall. And he walk slowly on the path,then walk across the park.

He felt the wind and the song of birds,then lay down in the middle of the park. He looked at the sky through the tree leaves,while touching his chest with his right hand……

Suddenly,the sound of the book which was fall down from the bookcase pulled Tieshen back to the chair. A trace of loss crossed his face,then he smiled again.

Live never pour off the fire inner Tieshen’s heart,and he never lost his legs in his heart……

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