Gence -The third Ear

  In my opinion a great geans are singnificans for everyone ,but sometimes it doesn’t happen my neephiw is a great example he get great gens , but I got a bad gens ,because my childhood ,some reason and  I have Autism . 

    But one things I always believe , althrough you have a lot of bad gens but If the teacher school system support you in the right way , I bat you , you can smart like the other people , you will successful , but now the problem is the Education system doesn’t right use one ways to teach all , how possible to fit all students , if student adapt will have good grade and will naturally succeed, and the other students unlucky, become a failure and I am one of them ,who become failure ,so All in ALL,we needs to changes the mind to makes sure use the indivisual ways to let student succeed, and Finland is a great example.

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