Glue word 2-1234 and Toolbox 3 123

Glue word 2; 1 A: what’s on the top of the refrigerator. B: That’s a bottle of water. A: When did you buy it? B: Yesterday.

2 A: You are in a hurry. Where are you going?B : I’m going to the Gym. A: who are you going to meet? B: My friends are waiting for me. I’m late. A: Have a nice day.

3 A: when is your birthday? B: Next Monday. A : Do you want to come? The party it’s in my house. B: when is it start? A: At 6:00pm. B: Great. That day I will very busy in the morning. So I have time to go to there. A: That’s good.

Toolbox 3: 1 A: It’s hot today. Could you give me some cold water more ice? B: Yes . It’s hot today . It’s summertime. B: I am very hot and thirsty. B: Oh, I am sorry . I’m afraid there are only hot tea. A : Ok , Give me a cup of tea. Please. B: Just a minute. There is your cup of tea. I will find some water and ice for you. A: Thank you.

2 A: It’s hot this summer. Could you give me some ice coke? B: Oh. I’m afraid there’s only cold water. A: That’s ok. Just  give me a glass of water. Please. B: Sure. Here you are. B : Thanks.

3 A: It’s really cold this winter. Do you have hot milk? B: No . Only tea here. A: whatever . Any hot drink that’s ok . B: sure . With sugar or not? A: Yes please.


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