1. sigh:to breathe in and out making a long sound,especially because you are bored,disappointed.tired etc.

‘well,there’s nothing we can do about it now.she sighted.

  1. toast:bread that has been heated so that it is brown on both sides and no longer soft.

I had a piece of toast for breakfast.

  1. sell-sold-sold

To give something to someone in exchange for money.

The vase was sold to a Dutch buyer.

  1. coal:a hard black mineral which is dug out of the ground and burnt to produce heat.

Put some coal on the fire.

  1. gold:coins.jewellery etc made of gold.

She came to the party dripping with gold.

Making a story using these words

It’s cold today.It’s winter time.I put some coal on the fire.I wanted to boil the water.

‘You seem upset.What’s the matter?’Fred asked.

‘I sold my new telephone yesterday.’I sighted.

‘Sorry to hear that.Are you OK?’Fred asked.

‘No,I had a piece of toast for lunch.I answered. ‘I bought my girlfriend a gold.It spent me six thousand.’

‘Oh,That’s expensive.’Fred said.

‘Yes.But she didn’t like it.’I cried softly, ‘I feel hungry.could you give me some dumplings?’

‘Sorry.I am afraid there is only rice.’Fred said.

‘That’s fine.any eat is OK.’I said.

‘Here you are.’Fred said.

‘Thank you.You’re so kind.The rice is yummy.I said

‘Do you want some more?’Fred asked.

‘Yes,Please.and some soy sauce.’I said.

‘OK.’Fred answered.

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