good pronunciation is very important for everybody

today I had spend 3 hours to learn kungfu English , a felt a bit tired . now I  am going to write diary ,this diary will spend my 40 mins , I write diary slowly ,why is that ? because I spell words not fluency ,and sometimes I can’t get the fell that is what I want to write ,I must stop write and spend a little time to think .

10 mins ago,I login my account to kungfu English blog ,I saw some new Blogs ,the title is about  cbd oil ,the oil may be used to clean face or hands .I am curious who writer the blog ,and about what content . I use mouse click the title , then open a new web , the blog is longer than those I was writed .

in the past month ,sometimes I see other learner blog ,they write not much ,but today more than 3 blog ,and write more .i am very curious ,so I want know who’s the writer ,when I saw the writer’s name is test ,I understand  all the  things .the is engineer test the blog function.

today ,I start to learn “glue words ” , glue has a funny story , some years ago ,I watch a video ,it’s about a Japanese person learn English . at  restaurant ,he want to eat gruel .he said :”I want to have a bowl glue “, the waiter didn’t know what he want .

waiter :”excuse me ,what do you want “

Japanese :”glue , ‘lise ‘ with ‘warta ‘ on fire”,and do the cooking action .

the Japanese want to say ,rice and water cook on a fire  .but he can’t pronunciation right .

but the waiter still can’t understand he . 

it’s very funny .good pronunciation is very important for everybody .

1. my colleague  is a oily man ,he always put he finger in he mouth 。(it’s  a joke )

2.the little girl ride a red scooter ,hit the wall . I’m hungry ,what do I want to eat ,maybe noodle is nice . 

4.I’m thirsty ,what do I want to drink ,cola is prefect ,but I can’t drink anymore ,sugar is bad for our body .drink tea is more  health . colleague buy a new phone ,the color is black , my phone’s color is  silver . I like silver than black .

6.the dog’s color is white ,it has short legs .

7.the car is higher the others , it’s color is blue .

OK  , tomorrow is a wonderfully day , hold on . everything is well . 

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