homework of lesson 130

At a park
Now, I am trying to walk around the central park, it’s so comfortable walking on the new plastic runway, while a man walking backwards across the park, at the next moment, his wife steps on his left foot, the man falls down on the floor, he stands up immediately. his wife is looking at him with a mysterious smile, is she his wife?

What a sunny morning, I get up early, walk into the bathroom, take the toothpaste and the toothbrush off the shelf, I squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube onto the toothbrush, I start to brush my teeth.
after I’ve done that, I put them back on the shelf

Make Tea
I walk into my bedroom open the windows, and then I sit down on the chair on the right of the window to have a rest.
it is good to have a cup of tea now, so I turn on the hot water tap, fill up the jug with hot water.and next pour the hot water into a cup with a black tea bag, just wait for a minute, I can drink my favorite tea.

Have you ever seen the animals in the zoo? elephant,tiger,lion,snake?
which one animal do you like prefer? and which one do you just want to run away?

Can you step on a tiger’s tail, can you? no, it’s too dangerous. A zookeeper can climb up onto the elephant’s back with a ladder, however, he also may fall off the elephant’s back, so he needs to be careful.

Elephants like to play in water and fill up the trunk holding above the water and then pour water out of the trunk onto a small elephant’s back.

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