I Get Up Early Today

  I get early today.I feel that I can study three lessons every day these days.I can master them actually.But the time is not enough.And in the night,it is very tired to continue to learn 3 lessons.

  I think a lot,and then have an idea.If I study the 3 lessons separately.Maybe it is easier and more effectively.But how? I need 3 hours to finish them.

  In the daytime when I am not busy at work,I can learn and finish one lesson.I can finish another lesson at night.I plan to get up early to learn the third lesson.But it is difficult.Because I am used to go to bed after 12PM.It is very late.Yesterday I went to bed at 11pm and I get up at 6am.It is very comfortable to study in the morning.

 Maybe I can master 3 lessons today.I believe it is a good experience.And I will try my best to build this habit.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    Thank you for sharing this. By the way, your writing is getting better and better! Well done!