IELTS Practice

This diagram gives information about salmon species of the life cycle .

  The salmon fish life cycle first starts the eggs and the salmon eggs is lay upper river and the river has small moving.The eggs just under the reeds hide inside the small stones ,the fry will become from eggs used about 3-6 months .

 The fry is on the lower river ,lower river is fast flowing compare with upper river ,fry has 3-8 cm long. They use approx 4 years to grow another fomat called smolt . Smolt has 12-15 cm bigger than fry. They will transfer from lower river to open sea, after about 5 years, the final stage the adult salmon,the adult salmon has 70-76cm is way more larger than smolt . The Adult salmon will lay eggs on the upper river again , finally the life cycle start over and over never stop and entenerty . 

    The high school must join the unpaid community service can be a great idea to let them have experience but the other may disagree ,because they will fail exam on the high school, can not go to university.

    Some people is agree with the high school student compulsory  join the unpaid community service  is great idea .The main reason is they need to use the time to spent that to feel the work experience and have a great heart to help with people ,they high school student  become less self fish. Before I am join the community service ,I always selfish and never care about the other people ,and I feel something is not right and that is not a good things , so after I join it I can feel a respect and good heart from the other people and I begin to help with people.

     In oppsite ways they are disagree the high school student to join the community service because they think is waster time is not on the acdemy study ,student will fail the exam and fail the future . The things is after I do he community service ,my  exam score is drop down a little bit and makes the parents become nervours and anziaty .

    Finally I want to said the high school students can make a balance to do the service and study acdemy ,If they can control properily ,that will be a win win solution , actually is more easier that the university to accept who love the scociaty and always support the world and make the word better . So balance the time anything will be in control.





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