IELTS Writing

  This chart  gives information about the personages of immigrants Australia had from 5 countries they are : New Zealand , Vietnam , Italy, UK, India in 1962 ,1982 and 2002 .

     In 1962 New Zealand nearily 10% ,Italy around 20% ,UK is 45%, India around 5% and Vietnam is 0% .As you can see ,the highest country in 1962 is UK and ,lowest is Vietnam. In 1982 New Zealand also is nearily 10%  ,Vietnam around 20% ,Italy is nearily 30% ,UK is nearily 20% and India is near 15%, as you can see highest country is Italy and lowest country is  New Zealand. Lastily is in 2002 New Zealand is around 10 %, Vietnam is around  15 %, Italy is over 20%,UK is nearily 10 %, India is nearily 15%, as you can see ,Highest is Italy and lowest is UK.

The  wile animals we needs to protect ,I disagree to stop use resources for protect animals purpose .

 First if we don’t protect with animals and we let them to extent ,the result will be we got extent .Why ? 

   Such as bee ,the bee is the main example we needs food so we need to have bee to get transfer flowers and flowers can have fruit and food , but If we lose that such a animals , we can not eat food ,we will die .

 If we let the other huge animals extent ,will happen :

    For instent : We kill the land animals and only have fly animals and the fly animals don’t have food can eat , the fly animals will die , but some fly animals will be more stronger ,such as mosquito , fly ,any bad insect eat the food , share and seprate new disease ,we don’t know how to slove it and we die and extent.

          We needs to protect animals because we needs to makes balance with the biologcal chain. Because we are part of animals so we are in this chain too. 

         Finnaly , protect the wile animals is protect all of us .  

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