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Part 1

This diagram gives  information about the factory how to use the bricks to build up.

    First the worker use the digger to take a clay to roller macine and mix with the metal grid ,then they have two ways to do it one is use the mould to build up and the other ways is use the wire cutter but whatever it is they must use one meterial which means bricks. and they use the drying oven and this oven must have 24-48 hrs which means use all metarial put together use oven to makes the meterial. amd they needs to use 3 steps one is kiln moderate the tempeure is 200C -800Cand than use the klin high 870-1300 Cand yhan use 48-72 hrs to cooling chamber to makes menterial strong to build up . Finally , Packing the matarial and delievry to finaly place.


I am stronger agree with the jail good person to teach the tennager .

The main reason I agree because the people who crime is painful , and this people is painful because he go in to the jail, jail is not like home ,jial is like hell and the jail flighting ,unhelthy ,bad enviromental. When the crim people teach will be more emphsis ,because they have experience they knows how he fell,so the crime people will be teach well.

  But when they teach they needs to have a adviser to watch carefuly  makes sure they will not crime again ,but can not observe all the time ,If he teach 5 years ,maybe can watch 4 years and release 1years and If he crime when release ,he will inside jail way more years.

 Education is changes , we needs to use different ways to makes a changes.And teach any different ways just make students succeed that it , not like before you only use one ways to teach good score succeed ,If not so good, will become fieure.

 Education is singnificans in our life ,is the chance what we can succeed or not.

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