Inventing Words

   There are many words invented in China, which represent one concepts, images, or thing. When we have to explain something to the other from an event, most of time it will spend us a lot of time to speak that. However, we use invent new word instead of whole things or concept, that will be more easily for us. This is also why we would like to create new words. I believe the same concepts also occurred in English.

   In China, the words are created by 3 ways, those are Form, Sound and Meaning.The first two are easily to understand. They are directly connect to what we saw and heard, and then describe them down by written or sketch. The Meaning way is more difficult to explain, that may relate to a story or events.

  From the perspective of inventing words in China, we can realize that words will morph as time went by. Even in China, the different area had their own specified words to represent specified things in theirs words. The most importance is people used the words to communicate things in their daily life.

  Back to learning words in any language, we should learn a new word behind its meaning, image too. That will help us to get the words, and knowing how to use them and keep in our minds easily.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    This is a very nice explanation about inventing new words in Chinese. Thank you!

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