It is very happy day!

Today, when I open the door and walk in the room, I find my favourite dog is looking at and waiting for me.

I turn on the light, put off the coat, sit on the chair, bite the apple and chew the biscuits . My dog walk straight to me and touch my foot. I touch its nose and its head. The dog lie down of the floor. I raise my arms and smile at it, drop the apple on the floor. It licks the apple and bites it.

I stand up from the chair ,walk straight and turn left to the kitchen. When I wash my hands, I I look myself in the mirror. I turn back to the siting room, sit on the chair beside the table, and fold the book, write something on the book and drew a picture.

I turn on the mobile phone and  read the wechat.

It is very happy day!

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  1. 方丈 方丈 says:

    oh ,it is great ,i like this article.what do you draw on the book?

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