it was a family picnic day for lily.

it was a family picnic day for lily.

it was really hot in August. but it was stop lily’s family from going to a picnic. the picnic had the grandfather, the grandmother, the uncle, the aunt, the nephew,lily’s parents and lily. so many people! in this year, it’s turned to lily’s family. they had a responsibility for providing the food and the tools. in order to orginize better, lily made a seperate list of food and tool. prepare one,circle one.


first the food list,the watermalen, the cucumbers,the tomatoes, the oranges, the pizzas, the sandwiches, some bottles of beer, many bottle of water, a lot of snacks. then the tools list, the gloves, the baskets , the picnic blanket, the cardboard, the grass mat, the match.

lily drove her big car under the high bridge, went straight and turned right to go to the mall in the centre of the city. there are the supermarket in the mall. lily entered into the supermarket, she found the cucumbers, put them into the shopping basket. then circle ‘the cucumbers’ in the piece of paper that has the food list. she continued to look for the food and the tool. finally, lily bought the whole things, then she circle all list on the paper.


on the day of the picnic,lily absolutely got up early. because she was going to take the grandfather and grandmother to go to the picnic. the grandparents rencently lived in the country. because the countrysaide is cool and clean. and the grandparents lived in the countryside house that is very large, so the lily’s family would to mantain it regularly. so lily was very familiar with the route to the countryside house. early in the moring, lily arrived at the house,then had a breakfast with the grandparents. lily opened the car door for the grandparents. when the grandparents had gotten into the car, lily drove the car go to the picnic. after a while, grandmother fell asleep in the car. about an hour and a half later, lily finally arrived at the picnic place. by the time, the rest of family were there. let’s start the picnic!


the mother and the aunt as soon as at the picnic place, then went to the river to wash the fruits and the vegetables. they walked through the grass. the mother took the bag of fruits. the aunt took the bag of vegetables. they squatted on the side of the river, the washed the cucumber ,the tomatoes.the oranges.


the nephew spread open the grass on the ground, unrolled the picnic blanket on the grass. then he took the food& drink out of the truck of lily’s car. he put the washed oranges, cucumbers and some sangwiched on the picnic blanket, take some bottle of beer and 6 bottles of water ,the watermelon out of a mini icebox. then he cut the watermelon with the fruit knife ,took the sliced watermelons on the dish, put them on the blanket again. it’s perfect.


the grandparents likes to do some exercise. so the grandmother put both hands on the park bench, bent from her waist and stretch her back. the grandfather, one minute he were bent his left elbow, and the next minute he bent his right knee.

so, what was the father and the uncle doing? oh, it turned out they were make a fire with the pieces of tall grass and the short stick. they cut the pieces of tall grass with the long knife. wait, oh my god, the knife is the fruit knife just now? ok, it was doesn’t matter. the uncle even bent the tall grass into the circle to aunt. they bent the pieces of tall grass, picked up some sticks from the tree. they would roast the chicken on the stick abover the made the fire bigger, the father blow on the flames under the pieces of tall grass.


lily not only likes animals, but likes plants. at that time, she looked at the grass.she felt lively and beautiful. lily walked on the grass, then lay down on the grass. she looked at the clouds in the sky. some clouds like the flower, some clouds like the dog, some clouds like the lion, it’s cute.


at this point, the mother came to lily, said: it’s lunch time. let’s go to there. then lily and her mother walked and sat down on the grass mat. the family chatted and ate the picnic lunch.

after lunch,it was time for a, the uncle and nephew slept in the car, the rest of family slept on the grass the afternoon, they drove back.

the good day was over.

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