just want to share

today i stay at home all day ,and i eat alone,if only i  stay at home ,i dont want to study ,its very hard for me ,i just want to tell a story ,i make a dream at noon ,that is  i sit up on the bed , ,ant see the wall in front of me , i put on my shirt and pants and shoes , walk to the window and turn around ,open the door ,get down the stairs , i  hate the stairs, i remember  i fall off from the stairs  i was wearing the shoes, and hit my arms , its very hurt ,i bleed,i sit up slowly from the floor, walk to the chair, using the paper towel to roall the arms, fially ,i drink some hot water. i cry at the same time , my parent get in the dining room, ask me  what will happen , and care about me  ,send me to the hospital, the doctor tell my parents  im ik ,i takes some times to recover , my parents still company me ,they are kind!

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