The Homeless Puppy Dogs

I was sleepy in the afternoon,I can’t nearly keep my eyes open,therefore I decided to go for a walk outside,when I was walking at the corner of a building , I found something moving , whoa ,it was threes puppy dogs,it seemed that they were homeless and looking for food around the garbage heap.

How hard it is to find food on the cold day,so I walked to the 711 convenience store quickly, I bought a big sausage for the puppies,when I came back to them,I found their mother near the garbage heap,she was alerted and tried to move away from me,the three puppies were too small to keep step with their mother.

I put the sausage that I have sliced down on the ground and tried to attracted them ,they couldn’t bear the attraction from the chicken, they were so hungry that they ate all of the sausage soon and meanwhile their mother was sitting far from me watching them eat the special food that I gave

when I left,the puppies was stilling staring at me ,it seemed to say:”can you feed me more,can you feed me every day?”

Bye-bye puppies,I hope I can see you soon ,and I will get you something food for dogs

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