L2B story

It is Friday morning. I awake at 7am. I lie on my bed. I loot at the window. The window is open. The sky is very bright. I put my right hand on my eyes. I close my eyes. Then I am struggle to sit up on my bed. I pick up the water bottle on the floor that is beside me. I open the bottle and I drink. I close the bottle. I put the bottle on the floor. I stand up and walk to the door. I open the door and walk straight to bathroom. I want to brush my teeth. I put on the toothpaste on my toothbrush. After that, I put on the cleansing milk on my face and rub my face with both my hands. Then I wash my face.

 I dry my face with facial tissues. I start to put on the creams on my face, and the last is sunblock. Then I change my clothes. I wear a grey blouse and jeans trouser. I check my bag. I put the water bottle, earphone, and my mobile phones in my bag. 

I am ready to going out for works. I wear slippers. I open the front door, and then I lock it. After that I walk to the car park to take my car. I go by car.

Today is mooncake festival. It is a holiday for school. There are a lot of cars in the road. I drive slowly. Safety first. I reach my company at 8:50am.

I start working at 9am. So, Happy mooncake festival. Hope you have a nice day[smile].