Language Communities

Would you rather go with a group of Spanish friends to enjoy the running of bulls, or learn Latin from a textbook? Would you rather get the sounds, feelings, rhythms, textures, colors of your new language, or remain inside the small space that is defined on a page?

It’s important to realize that if you’re ever going to really master a new language, you need to engage face-to-face, one-to-one, with members of that new language community. Talk to them. Listen to them.Watch them. Join them. When you focus on communicating you begin to experience the pleasure of becoming part of a new language community.And you begin with daily conversation. You don’t stop there, but it gives you an easy entry into the language. Daily conversation is the basis of the way a language works, and this is where you will build your foundations for fluency. Pay attention to what people actually say to each other in the course of normal, daily conversation. You’ll notice many patterns getting repeated, and lots of the same words used over and over again. This makes your task as a learner much easier.

When I was a student at university, I tried to learn English well.But, there weren’t any language community I could join. Only by reciting words of English dictionary could I improve my English. At that time, it was hard for me to remember thousands of combinations.And this tough task didn’t quite work, and I just could read and write something in English which would take me very long time. What’s more, I was unable to communicate some basic things with foreigners in English. I even didn’t know how to say ‘cucumber’ in English. Learning English from a textbook is boring, sometimes agony for me. I couldn’t get the feedback of saying English. I needed to analyze the structure of sentences to understand the meaning of a article. I often could not understand the meaning in this way. I didn’t know what to do and how to do it to make myself master all the rules of English language, just reciting endless words, combinations.No interesting, harder task.

Now, I have an English coach, and I can communicate with her.I can sense the big progress in English. I’m able to say something more, and my coach always encourages and praises me, which made me happy and made me want to speak more and more English. I dare to make more and more meaning, and she can understand more and more what I said. My pronunciation and vocabulary are progressing. And I can speak more and more things I want to express.My language-learning become smoother.

It’s easier for me to learn English by joining a language community.In this way I can sense patterns and get some feedbacks to correct my English,to say exactly.




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