Why Words Matter More Than Grammar

When people use the wrong word, it isn’t still possible to communicate clearly. In the book The Third Ear, the author’s daughter Michelle wanted him to get off the sofa, however, she said ‘wee wee’ instead of ‘really’.This mispronunciation caused a misunderstanding, and the author picked her up and rushed to the bathroom upon which Michelle felt very furious. Since the misreading, they didn’t communicate with each other clearly.

On the other hand, when people use the wrong grammar, it is possible to communicate clearly. And even people didn’t say a word, it is possible to communicate clearly, because we can also use gestures, facial expressions or something else to put our point across to others.

What is the relative importance of individual words, and grammar, in normal conversation? From my perspective, of course, individual words are much more useful. In most cases, we are able to communicate with others, even though grammar is incorrect. But if we use the wrong words, we will miscommunicate.

Once upon a time, I was talking to my English coach. I wanted to express my meaning to her. And I knew I need to forget the grammar, the structure, and the rules of the language. I just desired to communicate my feeling. I was able to say the key words that I wanted to say, and I knew I had made some grammar mistakes. What surprised me was that my coach could get the meaning that I wanted to say.

A Welshman was doing business in Japan. He was actually innocently asked that how was the company reorganization? But he used a wrong words, which made the others misunderstand that when was the company funeral? We can see that if we use the wrong words, the meaning we make will be very different to that we want to express.

To conclude, words matter more than grammar.


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