Language to body #75

One day, when I was at home alone, I stared to play with a flashlight and a magnifying glass. I am keen on fish, therefore, there is a fishtank in my home. On that day, I looked at the fish through my magnifying glass with shining the light on top of the fishtank by the flashlight. I saw many fishes separating while the light shining, and fishes opened their eyes so big. Though the magnifying glass, I could tell there was some scareness in the fishes’ eyes. When I turned off the flashlight, the fishes gathered as quickly as possible. How close they were! I turned my attention to other things such as salt and chilly powder. I observered it through magnifying glass. What I could see were plenty of tubes instead of powder. That was a really big observation for a 7-year-old girl. Afterwards, while there was a butterfly sitting on the window, I tried to have a look carefully, however, the butterfly was so ugly that I didn’t want see it again. How about ants? Through the manifying glass, I found ants dilligently transferring a little slice of broad to their home.

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