Sharing for my milestone

Hello everyone,

   I am Steven. I come from Taiwan. It’s nice to share my learning process of Kung-Fu English for you.I have learned English from Kung-Fu English around 2.5 hears till now, currently I can speak with foreigner in daily context without fear.I am still keeping learning English and hope I can get to totally fluency in the future.My goal is to talk with the English native speaker naturally, just like a native speaker.

   I remembered for the first time I talked with Kung-Fu English coach for conversation practicing, I even can’t talk a simple sentence.I believe that is a popular situation for all of the English learner from the beginning, especially for Chinese people.But currently I can feel free to talk with coach for a chat, even there are still lots of words I don’t know how to say.But I know how to use the similar words to keep our conversation and make it smoother.So here I would like to share some of my ideas to keep the learning and make the learning process proceed every day.

  1. Keep using Kung-Fu English app every day.

Since there are still lots of words I need to learn, and I take the app as a core tool for me to keep learning without stopping.Beside I keep doing conversation with my language parent- Kung Fu English coach to practice my English mind. That is very important for me, because I need to do some output and make sure I can use what I learn.Input and Output are both important for the learning process.And I also practice my output from writing articles or diary.

     2. Brain Soaking

To keep my English listening skill, I do brain soaking every day.In addition to Kung Fu English app, I also listen podcast for English program.You can choose the program base on your favorite or interested topic.That is also very helpful to train your language feelings to enter certain context.You will learn new words and different tones in different circumstance. You also can get knowledge by the program.I would say “Kill two birds with one stone”. That makes the English learning more interesting.

  1. Practice your tongue.

I think it is very important to do the practicing of your tongue.After listening to the article, I will read it louder to make sure I know how to speak each word.For example, I try to practice reading the word “interesting” for several times when I met this word.I found that if I don’t do the practicing of tongue, sometimes my tongue will get knotted.

  1. The next step of my learning

To be honestly, I am not a very proactive learner because I do the practicing above no more two hours a day.But keep learning is a very important thing that remind your goal for learning, even you only do it by piece of time.My vision for English learning is to connect more people around the world and get more knowledge by English.The process would not have an end point, and I also don’t want to waste the time for what I learn in the past.So keep moving and don’t stop. I believe you will get to somewhere that is out of your imagination.

Looking forward to share with you more for my learning in my next milestone.



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