language to body16-20创作

I like travelling in the coutry,but i dont like losing my way,so i asked my friend for give me a lift,where do you want to go,when i got in the car my firend asked me “the new zoon”

about half an hour we arrived,i got out off the car,”you have a metting,you should go,when i visited fininshed i can go home with the bus,dont pick me up here。i said to my friend

in the new zoon ,i saw a mokey clamb the tree,the tiger sit on top of the stone,the little lion run after to its mother

the dark will coming i should to go home,i look for bus station,i run to the bus,”i am going to the city centre,i said to the conductor as i got on the bus”but i dont know where it is

i’ll tell you where to get off answered the conductor

i sat in the front of the bus to get a good view of the outside

after some time the bus stopped,looking ronud,the condyuctor wiggle her arm to me  i should to get off the bus 

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    I like the way you have used the words that you already know to communicate your meaning. Very well done!

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