Situation dialogue: Which one is better?

A: What do you want to eat for dinner?

B: I want to eat dumplings. But there is no dumpling restaurant nearby.

A: We can make them by ourselves. Let’s go to the super market and buy some materials.

B: Oh, it’s a big work. I prefer to eat instant frozen dumplings.

A: You are lazy. We also don’t have any frozen dumplings. We have to go to the super market.    

B: OK. Let’s go. And I want to buy some fruit.


A: What kinds of the dumplings do you like better, the red ones or the green ones?

B: Beef dumplings are yummy, so l chose the red ones.

A: OK, but vegetarian dumplings are my favorite, I chose the green ones.

B: We should buy both of them.

A: Look! The fruit is there.

B: That’s good. I want to buy some oranges.

A: Which one is better, the big one or the small one?

B: I prefer the small one. It tastes juicy and sweet.

A: Oh, it’s cheaper than the big one, we could take more.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    Nice job. I like the way you have mixed the words to create new stories different to the dialogues in the course. Well done!

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