language to body16-20

get on the bus  get off the bus  get in the car  get out of the car   get in the taxi   get out of the taxi  clamb the tree  clamb on top of the car  clamb on top of the plan  get on the plan  get off the plan  

three fingers wiglle your fingers, step on the mans toes,run after the bus,run to the bus, step on the pencil, take out the pen, take the paper out of the box ,step on the cake, step on the chopsticks, 

hang the snake on the hook on the wall, step on the cockroach, step on the spider,throw the scissors on the floor  throw the alarm clock outside ,look at the clock ,point at the cap

put on the trousers, put on the shirt, wear the trousers. wear the skirt, wear the cap,put the cap on your head ,take off the blouse,take off the jacket,put on the glasses,take off the watch


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