Glue word-1

in the morring,i was go to the sumpmart,i want buy some fruits in the shop,i found the green and red apples over there,i run to the place,i found the small ones are good,but i perfer the big apples the small ones,i couldnt find the good big ones,so i change buy bunanas and oranges

when i pay off,i cant find my wallet,i look for anywhere,the boss of the shop asked me :did you lose something?  yes i lost my wallet! i answered

ok anythingsles he is keep asking      no just the wallet

whats something in your wallet

some moeny,and cards oh my identity card in it,my name is miya

here it is ,i pick it on the floor beside the fruits 

oh thanks god  thank you so much

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    Well done! I like the way you have just written everything the way you think it should be, based on how it sounds in your head. Good work!

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