lily’s dream

it was a usual day for lily.but unusually,lily had a long dream at night. In this evening,lily turn on the cold water tap and wash her face,then walk into the bedroom very early to fall is the dream.
lily stand in the middle of the room but bedroom,then she walk around the room,seemed to be looking for the door.magically,she walk through the wall.waho,she can do it.after through the wall,she actually come to the airport. it looks like she is going to board the plane? unexpected,lily climb the top of the airplane,but fall off the airplane in the next scene,lily appears on a small island.there are a tiger ,a horse,a lion and an elephant.they talk like humans and so kind.lily was happy on the siland.sometimes,lily climb onto the horse’s back and run around the island,sometimes,she sit on the elephants’s trunk and sleep for a day,the island caught’s urgent!
suddenly the alarm clock called and the dream wake up…

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