Third Ear Pages 14-15 My Thoughts on The Third Ear Pages 14-15

       After graduated from high school, the author studied at university with the major in psychology. One of his topics of interest was psycho-linguistics. A theory of learning language at the time in vogue was that only children could learn a foreign language really well. Even though many people accepted this theory, the author did not believe it. Because this theory meant that if people did not learn a foreign language at their childhoods, then when they got to adulthoods,they would lose the ability of learning a foreign, then could not communicate with most people in the world. He felt it was a horrible limiting. He did not want to believe it. He believed that if only the method of learning language was correct, an adult could also learn foreign languages, age is no barrier. He even wrote this idea into his term paper and got a good pass. He thought that the professor grading his paper must have agree with him. And he joked that the professor maybe just rewarded him for being cheeky. Two years later, the author got a chance to test his idea. He landed a two-years scholarship to China. He ever attended Chinese classes in his second year at university. He just scraped through and pass. He did not enjoy it at all. Because the teacher was skilled at “hypnosis” the students rather than bringing out the interest on language learning in students. Hearing his teachers’ soft, monotone voice, he couldn’t help himself to fall to sleep. Reading the author’s experience, I remembered one of my teachers at my high school. She taught us physics. In the class, she just read loudly her script, her voice was monotone too but not softly, It did not make me falling to sleep but just made me annoying. How difference the outcome will be between a good teacher and a bad teacher. A good teacher is skilled at bringing out learning interest in students, inspiring students to explore the unknown world, to create. So how important a good teacher is. I hope our teachers are better and better.

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