My Article on Third Ear Pages 15-16

      In the two pages, the author told us his experience when he came to China for the first time. Although he had attended Chinese lessons before, he could not speak a word of Mandarin Chinese. He was totally blank about Chinese at all. In the second day, he met his first friend in China who taught him his first Chinese word-“How is it going”. It was like giving him a key. And the author hold this key and enough audacity to strike up his Chinese learning journey.
      Then the author told us about one of his real journey to Beidaihe. He went and back by train. When he should back, he had left the purchase of  train tickets far too late to buy one. He and his friends got on the train anyway. After paid the price of the train ticket and the fine for being on board without a ticket, they  were camped down in the dinning car to spend the six hours straight trip.
      In that time, transport availability in China was very limited. So did in my city. Regarding to transportation in my city, from last century till now, the change is giant. Until nineteen nineties, most people went around on foot or by bicycle. The streets were narrow and rough. There were only three bus lines in my city. The buses were always very crowded. Especially in the rush hours. The bus was very hard to get on or get off.  People buy bus tickets on board. The conductor came into the middle of the crowd to sell the tickets, made the crowd even crowded. What a torture. The streets were often stuck by large quantity of bicycles. You only could move very very slowly like a tortoise. It was really a big challenge to one’s patience. Fortunately, those bad situation has gone. Today In our city, the roads are broad and flat. There are approximately one thousand of bus lines, nine BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) lines and three subway lines. People can conveniently go anywhere they want to go. And they can buy tickets using their mobile phone, just scan then pay automatically, so easy. Many people have their own private car. But I think it’s just too many. So many cars occupied so many space, and bring so many noises.  I think it’s better to develop the public transportation and take the public transportation. 

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